Audi Program Unites U.S. Veterans' Skills with New Jobs

Last year, Audi shattered records with 139,310 vehicles sold over the course of 2012. Such sales success continues into this year, with numerous new Audi units already purchased and many more to come. With 200,000 cars expected to sell before the end of the decade, you may be wondering how Audi is preparing to handle such high demand. When it comes to the increased need for service technicians to fix and maintain the growing number of Audis on the road, the auto brand is turning to U.S. Veterans for help.

The new Veterans to Technicians program focuses on employing qualified former military technicians as one of many positions available in auto repair and service centers, like ours in Huntington, NY. With Audi ownership on the rise, many dealerships are reacting by hiring more service technicians, shop foremen, and service consultants, all with partiality towards U.S. Veterans.

"Our nation has invested significant sums to train Veterans in technical fields, leadership skills and uncompromising values," said Audi's Director of Strategy, Reinhard Fischer. "That means former members of the armed forces are ideal candidates for the opportunities Audi and its dealerships offer. As the Audi footprint grows in this crucial market, and as our cars become more complex, it is imperative to help our 276 U.S. dealers identify and recruit highly skilled service employees."1

If you or someone you know are U.S. Veterans interested in the Veterans to Technicians program, navigate to for more information, including how to apply to open positions at Audi service centers across the nation, including with our own team at Audi of Huntington. We are also available to answer your questions regarding the program; contact us with your questions today via phone, email, or even in person.


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