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The story behind Audi's well-known quattro all-wheel drive system is one from the pages of an automotive fairytale. Today, the magic lives on as Audi celebrates a major milestone-- the production of their 5-millionth quattro-equipped vehicle. We won't bore you with the "once upon a time" spiel but we do think the history of the Four Rings' iconic performance-driven system is one for the books.

But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let's take a trip back in time. To set the scene: it's Sweden in winter of 1976. So it is particularly cold, exceptionally snowy, and a bit blustery. Not the types of winters we are used to here in the Huntington Station, Oyster Bay, and Hicksville areas. You may even say we are spoiled in comparison!

As you can imagine, in the 1970's, there weren't many vehicles capable of handling harsh conditions associated with a Scandinavian winter. A group of Audi engineers had their work cut out for them. They test drove a front-wheel drive Audi concept alongside an all-terrain Iltis. Despite the Audi's greater horsepower, the Iltis was the victor.

With that, the Audi engineers went to work on a revolutionary all-wheel drive system and quattro was born.

The final product wowed audiences at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show. In fact, the demand for the new quattro coupe significantly outweighed Audi's original expectations and production was forced into overdrive. It wasn't long before the quattro-equipped car became an icon of the new Audi lineup.

Over thirty years and 5-million cars later, Audi's quattro system is still praised for its safety features and ability to thrill drivers.

Interested in experiencing quattro for yourself? Come to Audi of Huntington at 363 E. Jericho Turnpike in Huntington, New York to test out a quattro like the 2013 Audi Q5-- armed with the driving technology that's already stood the test of time.

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