New Audi Taillight Concept Could Change Traffic Jams

How many of you Huntington area drivers have found yourself stuck in a traffic jam that seems never-ending? It's probably a bit easier if you're driving a new Audi vehicle you bought from Audi of Huntington's 363 E. Jericho Turnpike Huntington Station, NY 11746 lot, but it can still be a pretty frustrating experience. These sort of scenarios often result in fender-benders as well. But Audi is introducing a new kind of taillight system that could help drivers navigate these nuisances of the roads in a more efficient way.

It's being called "Swarm" by Audi, and it's a single OLED display thatcovers the rear of the vehicle it's been designed for. This allows for more differentiation of the light patterns, as thousands of small lights can rapidly illuminate in the same visual-type pattern you' see with a school of fish  or group of birds.

Though it may sound distracting, but it's another example of the engineers in the Audi parts and service innovating ahead of their time, whether or not the concept itself ever goes to production.

The technology is only in the infant stages of development, so we imagine there'll be a great deal more information to share with you on our blog once a little more work is invested in the venture.

In the meantime, come visit us and speak to one our qualified staff members to get on the road to owning a new or used Audi vehicle of your own.

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