How to Tell It's Time for Brake Service

Your Audi is a finely tuned machine, one that was crafted with great care and great precision. It's essential that you take proper care of it so it can continue to run well for many miles, allowing you to enjoy its thrilling drive for years to come. Long Island is known for its harsh winters and difficult road conditions. With all the winding highways and curving back roads in the area, it's easy to get lost in the adventure of the drive. But that's why you need to make sure each component of your Audi is always working properly. This includes the most important safety system: the brakes. If you've noticed that anything seems off with your brakes, or that it's taking longer to stop than usual, you should schedule an appointment immediately at our Audi service center in Huntington Station, NY.


You drive your car every day, which means you would know better than anyone else when something just doesn't feel right. Did it take longer to stop than usual? Did you have to apply excess force before you felt the car slow down? Is there an awful screeching or squealing noise when the brakes are applied? Trust your instincts here -- there's likely an issue with your Audi. When the warning signs are there, don't wait to schedule a service appointment for your Audi. The team at Audi Huntington can fix up your car and have you back on the road as good as new in no time at all.


Learn More About Some Warning Signals That Your Audi Needs Brake Service:

  • When you press the brake pedal, it feels soft or mushy, and goes straight to the floor.
  • When you press the brake, you hear a distinct squealing, screeching or grinding sound.
  • It's more difficult to bring your car to a complete stop, or you're having issues slowing it down.
  • When the brakes are applied, you feel vibrations from the pedal.
  • Your car or SUV has been noticeably pulling to one side or the other.
  • The brake warning indicator light on your car's dash turned on.

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